About Us

Catapult is a group of professionals with expertise in Finance, Legal, Business and Marketing. We specialize in assisting new businesses, or people with an “Idea” and help them get it market.

Our assistance ranges from a few simple meetings, helping the client create a brand, to assisting in the preparation of a Business plan or helping them go public or secure VC money.

Legal: Our network of lawyers can assist with Patent applications, our Corporate law. They have a proven track record in the preparation of the legal documents to assist our clients on the road to going public.

What We Offer

Marketing & Brand Development: Trade marks to company logos and branding. Web development to increasing SEO traction. Corporate videos and professional photography.

Graphic Design: Full service graphic design developing all forms of visual communications and corporate branding. Creating marketing solutions for all forms of print and electronic/web media. Complete project management from conception through to completion and delivery.

Website & Social Media: Complete web development; Build, Coding, Hosting, Maintenance, SEO, SEM, Social Media

Patients: Patents give the inventor of some useful, original, and non-obvious item the exclusive right to make and sell their invention for a period of time, generally 20 years. There are three types of patents: plant, utility, and design patents.

Philanthropy: Catapult is dedicated to assisting Non-profits and giving back through community efforts including young entrepreneurs.

Contact Us

We’d like to hear from you. Send any questions about our services using the convenient form here, or reach us directly by telephone at 604.802.1795 or email: mpriest@catapultindustries.com